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Congratulations, President Elect Obama! And more… November 5, 2008

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This is a great day for America, with a small asterisk.  I am so happy that Barack Obama won the presidential election, and I congratulate him from the bottom of my heart.  I haven’t been so excited in a long time.

Listening to his speech has inspired me.  I’ve decided that I’m going to get back into the blogging spirit here, with a renewed focus on my original goal – discussing the benefits of coming out for transgender people (with a focus on spouses and coming out to your children – yes, I am out to my kids).  I want to move away from the me-orientation of this blog and, instead, write about the real issues, pro and con, on coming out – reasons to come out, ramifications of coming out, etc.  I’m also hoping to interview people about how they decided to come out.

Stay tuned.

(Oh, and the asterisk?  I’m sad about the states where people voted against marriage inclusion and for discrimination against same-sex couples.)

California: Vote NO on Proposition 8 November 4, 2008

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This is really targetted at people in the great state of California:

Tomorrow, when you go to the polls, you will have an amazing opportunity to show that you are against hate and for love.  Proposition 8 is an attempt by the forces of hate to repeal the rights of same-sex couples to express their commitment for the one they love and want to share the rest of their life.  Yes, I’m talking about marriage.

I have listened to all the arguments for people who are against same-sex marriage.  I’ve listened to them talk about how the sacred covenant of marriage should be reserved for the union of a man and a woman.  A few years ago I might have even argued for this.  What changed my mind?  Was it my own self-acceptance and coming out?

No, it was fear, plain and simple.  I was afraid that the old world that I grew up with was disappearing, and this was a part of me desparately trying to figure out how to preserve it at all costs.  I even tried to argue that allowing them to have a separate designation (“domestic partnership”, “civil union”) was a good solution.  My daughter, bless her soul, worked hard to convince me that this was the equivalent of the discredited “separate-but-equal” doctrine of the 1800’s, applied to gay people.  And she’s right.

Look at the arguments for those who want you to vote yes on prop 8 – it’s fear, plain and simple.  They talk about having to explain to little kids what a gay or lesbian relationship is.  Frankly, this argument is very naive.  Even without marraige you may still be in a situation where you need to explain this.  I think this exposes the real core of their issue – it’s not that they’re against gay marriage, it’s that they want the queer people to just get out of site (by “queer” I mean all flavors of “non-traditional” people – gay, polyamorous, transgendered, etc.).  They want to go back to the old days where queer people were out of site.

And persecuted.  It’s hate and fear in their message.  And they use fear to get their message accross because their arguments are null and void.

And think about it – why do we waste our time inventing some new parallel-universe relationship that is everything a marriage is except that it’s called something else when we have so many more important issues to deal with?  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather our politicians tackle important issues like the economic crisis, helping people who are stuck with morgages they cannot pay, restoring America’s image in the world, and working with the world to root out the terrorists and sowers of evil.  This culture war nonsense wastes time, money, and it takes our focus away from the real problems.  And, I contend, because we waste this time we let our guard down a little against those who would bring terror to innocents.

I say let anybody marry anybody who they want.  Let people love who they want to, live with who they want to live with, and let’s celebrate their commitment to one another.  Love should not be a scarce commodity, but sometimes it seems like that’s what some people want it to be.

I stand with all those who are pro-Love and pro-People.  Vote NO on Proposition 8.

Vote Next Week in the U. S. November 1, 2008

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(I’m sorry that this is United States centric, but it’s where we live)

Next week is an important moment for our country.  We have an opportunity to decide what direction we want the country to go over the next few years.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m voting for Barak Obama, but that’s not important.  I don’t care if you are for Obama, John McCain, Ralph Nadar, Bob Barr, or any other candidate for the office.

Please vote.  It’s important.